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IAMaths Lab

In today’s Mathematical teaching environment Students are taught many mathematical facts, but they are rarely taught what ‘the mathematical process’ is and how to employ it. This in turn results in disinterest and phobia towards mathematics. IAM believes that Mathematics phobia can be removed by learning maths in a fun loving way using hands-on activities and trying to understand the real world applications of the concepts. Using hands-on learning kits stimulates young minds. In order to emphasize this IAM has partnered with many schools and colleges in setting up of Math lab to stimulate interest in learning mathematics. 


 IAM – Math Lab Programme enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects, model, charts, graphs, pictures and posters etc. All these have the potential of increasing student’s attitude towards the study of Mathematics. Here the poorest or the best gifted students may have active sensory experiences from which the concepts emerge.           

IAM – Math Lab stimulates learner’s interests as they are made to personally engage using hands-on activities and experimentation. It also strengthens the basics of mathematical concept upon which the higher learning is made easy. It also promotes long term memory of the knowledge obtained through experimentation.