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IAM Centre Of Excellence


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IAMath Center Of Excellence

IAMath Center Of Excellence is division focusing on training students to excel in maths at various academic levels. Students who choose to ignore Mathematics, or not take it seriously in High School, forfeit many future career opportunities that they could have. They essentially turn their backs on more than half the job market. The vast majority of university degrees require Mathematics. The importance of Mathematics for potential future careers cannot be more emphasized. Our dedicated teams of experts in Maths are constantly striving hard to bring out the best outcome among students. We have specific programs designed for various academic and entrance exams

.Bridge courses

IAM has designed various bridge courses to reduce the gap in learning Mathematics for high school and college students. This course reinforces the basic concepts in maths upon which the higher regular math classes are designed in the curriculum. By attending the bridge course the time required to grasp the new concept is reduced and there is greater clarity among students in applications of the fundamental principles at higher levels. Following are some of the bridge courses designed: 

    •   High school Level –bridging gap between 7th and 8th std
    •   Intermediate Level – bridging gap between 10th and 11th std
    •   Undergraduate Level – bridging gap between 12th and Undergraduate Maths ( B.E, B.Sc)

Academic and Entrance exam coaching

IAM is the best place one can think of when it comes to preparation for examinations. IAM offers tuitions in mathematics and allied subjects at various academic levels. In this program the student takes up continuous coaching for Maths subjects related to their academics. Model tests are discussed regularly within strict time schedules. These tests are exactly as per the latest pattern, and discussions and evaluations are an integral part of it. Coaching for the following academics

    •     High School.
    •     1st and 2nd PUC.
    •      CET, AIEEE, COMED-K, IIT-JEE.

Quantitative Aptitude for competitive exams 

In today’s competitive world, every entrance exam has a section on quantitative aptitude wherein the fundamentals of maths, logical and analytical reasoning are tested.IAM has a unique approach in coaching students and jobseekers to improve their quantitative aptitude tailored for various entrance exams like

    •      MBA Entrance – CAT, MAT, ATMA, GMAT, JMET, XAT.
    •      Actuarial Common Entrance Test – ACET.
    •      Banking related exams – Probationary Officer, JAIIB, CAIIB.
    •      CA Entrance exam – CPT.
    •      Law Entrance exam – CLAT,
    •      Architectural Entrance – NATA.
    •      Aptitude training for Job seekers.

IAM NTSE and Math Olympiad

IAM aims in nurturing the talent among young mathematicians by grooming them to excel in talent hunt exams like NTSE and Math Olympiad. 

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 

NTSE, a national-level scholarship program in India to identify and recognize students with extremely high intellect and academic talent. Only students studying in Class VIII are eligible to appear for the selection process


Identification of talent comprises a two-stage selection process. 

Fist Level 
    •      NTSE conducted by the State / UT.
    •      Second Level NTSE conducted at the National Level

Mathematical Olympiad 

A Mathematical Olympiad is a problem solving competition open to all "mathletes". The aim of the competition is to test innate problem solving skills. The problems are restricted to those that require minimal background and high ingenuity. Since one of the goals of such olympiads is to identify talent at a young age, these olympiads are usually restricted to students not yet admitted to any undergraduate programme.  

  •    Stage-I: RMO (Regional Mathematics Olympiad), 
  • first step in selecting the Indian Team for IMO
  •    Stage-II: INMO (Indian National Mathematics Olympiad)

  •    Stage-III: IMOTC (International Mathematics Olympiad Training Camp

  •    Stage-IV: IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad)